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Our Strategies

To take strides toward TPB’s goals by making meaningful improvements to the transportation system to serve people better, TPB members work together to determine the best ways to efficiently enhance the system. Many strategies and actions are informed by the congestion management process, performance-based planning and TPB analysis, outreach and coordination.

Regional Coordination

Through public engagement, objective analysis, and a consensus building process informed by the TPB committees, the TPB establishes strategies to address the transportation challenges we face today and in years to come. Based on each member’s unique context, these solutions are developed and implemented locally, often in collaboration with regional partners. Strategies include approaches to address congestion, improve access and mobility, and increase the safety for all people using any part of the transportation system, and more. The TPB has developed and continues to assess strategies to reduce transportation emissions and ensure resilience of the transportation infrastructure in the face of climate change.

Aspirational Initiatives

In 2018, the TPB adopted seven transportation initiatives. As TPB members prioritize funding and enacting these strategies, we have the potential to significantly improve the region’s transportation system performance. Though each initiative incorporates policies and transportation solutions that the TPB has committed to and championed for years, Visualize 2045 incorporated these Aspirational Initiatives as part of the region’s long-range transportation plan for the first time. With the update to Visualize 2045, the region is focused on the realization of these initiatives that can not only improve mobility, accessibility and air quality in the region but also contribute to the region’s greenhouse gas reduction and climate resiliency goals.


Transportation Options

As growing and diverse region, the metropolitan Washington needs a transportation system that provides a wide range of ways to get around. Through the TPB, transportation agencies in the region work together to provide more convenient and affordable transportation options so that each person can choose what works best for them. The update to Visualize 2045 will emphasize the TPB’s rededication to address climate change, improve safety, and advance equity in the region. Strategies incorporate integration of the transportation system and access to more transportation choices such as riding transit or biking so that everyone can connect more easily to activities, services, and opportunities.

Strategies to address Future Factors

For a better transportation future with more travel options for everyone, the TPB, in partnership with others across the region, will continue to develop strategies for the transportation system. The long-range transportation plan illustrates how technical analysis, policy work and consensus building come together to advance integrated regional planning. We’re tackling issues from congestion, accessibility and safety to environmental health, climate change mitigation and equity.