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Voices of the Region

Public Participation in Visualize 2045

For the Visualize 2045 update, the TPB conducted public engagement known as ‘Voices of the Region’ to gather information about public opinions on transportation through a survey, focus groups, and a regional virtual activity about the TPB’s Aspirational Initiatives. The role of the Voices of the Region is to gather public opinion on issues important to TPB, provide a more nuanced understanding how our regional transportation policies affect people in our region, and to highlight voices that have been underrepresented in the past. Explore the findings through the reports and presentations shared on this page.


What did we hear from Voices of the Region?

Explore the reports and presentations to learn more. Check out the Voices of the Region Story Map, which offers an interactive way to explore public input.

Voices of the Region

The full Voices of the Region survey report has been released:

Final Report for the Voices of the Region Survey

VOR Survey – Report on Jurisdiction-Level Selected Results

The survey was followed by a series of focus groups to ‘get the story behind the data.’ This research in Phase I will identify recent changes in people’s travel habits in face of the COVID-19 pandemic and explores what the region’s residents want our region’s transportation future to look like.

TPB staff are planning Phase II outreach activities to engage residents online.