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Expand Bus Rapid Transit and Transitways

What Is It?

  • Buses that feel like rail. Bus-rapid transit (BRT) in suburban Maryland, Northern Virginia, and D.C. would provide high-quality transit services that approach the speed of rail, but at a fraction of the cost to build.
  • A dramatically expanded transit service. Express bus, streetcar, and light rail systems would be available for more people in more places throughout the region.
  • Targeted rail projects. Streetcar and light rail routes would provide targeted connections within the regionwide system, serving high-density locations and promoting economic development.


“Visualize” the Future:

  • A diversity of transit options. Imagine having access to express transit, even if you live or work far from a Metrorail station. Fast and reliable transit now comes in many shapes and forms, and in the future, this initiative would provide an abundance of options. BRT buses would operate in their own separated lanes with pre-payment systems and level boarding to get people on and off quickly.
  • More access to jobs. Along with new transit comes access to new opportunities. BRT, light rail, and streetcars would not only connect the region’s many “Activity Centers” – our economic engines – but would also help people move around within them. More transit would provide new travel options for scores of people who currently struggle to get to and from work.
  • Better bike/ped access. New buses and rail encourage walking and bicycling. To maximize the benefit of new transit services, we need to make sure people can get to and from stations on sidewalks, paths and bike lanes safely.
    Photo credit: Beyond DC/Flickr