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Expand Express Highway Network

What Is It?

  • Congestion-free toll roads. Toll lanes would be added to existing highways throughout the region. Traffic on these lanes would be congestion-free because of dynamic pricing – toll rates increase during the most congested times of day. And higher tolls would reduce demand on the lanes, keeping traffic free-flowing.
  • Building on an emerging toll road network. Managed lanes exist today on new facilities in Maryland and Virginia. We are already seeing that toll lanes are the most likely way that we will be able to fund needed road projects in our growing region, even as we seek to reduce our dependence on driving alone. They would also encourage carpooling by exempting cars with more passengers from the tolls.
  • New opportunities for transit. A new network of express buses would travel in the express toll lanes, connecting people and jobs throughout the region. The revenues generated from the tolls would be used to operate the new extensive regional network of high-quality bus services.

“Visualize” the Future:

  • Less congestion, faster trips. The expanded express lane system would reduce average travel times and congestion. Driving would be more reliable and predictable.
  • Speedy bus service. Operating in free-flowing traffic would ensure reliable bus service. For people who cannot regularly afford to drive in toll lanes, express buses would provide an attractive and dependable way to take advantage of the congestion-free express lanes.
  • Expanded access to jobs. Express lanes would expand economic opportunity, making it easier for commuters to know with certainty that they can get to work on time on a regular basis.