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Provide More Telecommuting and Other Options for Commuting

What Is It?

  • Reducing solo car trips. This initiative would expand programs to increase the number of people who telework, find carpools, or use transit. These programs can be implemented by employers, government programs, or both.
  • More workers teleworking. As a result of employer-based incentives, one in five workers in the region would telework each day. That’s double the amount today. In addition, workplaces would let employees come to work early or late some days to avoid traveling during rush hour.
  • Subsidies for not driving. The number of employees receiving transit and carpool subsidies from work would increase significantly. And workers who currently receive free parking could receive the cash value of that benefit to pay for transit or other commuting options (known as parking cash-out.)
  • Reduced parking incentives at work. Local governments and employers would stop subsidizing the cost of parking in the region’s “Activity Centers,” where jobs and housing are concentrated. This would encourage more people to carpool or take transit. The new parking prices would vary based on distance from central business districts. Areas that currently do not charge for parking would charge lower amounts than those that already charge.

“Visualize” the Future:

  • Getting cars off the road. Imagine a future with fewer cars clogging the roads and polluting the air. This initiative would take many cars off roads due to the number of people telecommuting and using alternate modes on any given day. Without needing to build any new roads or other infrastructure, this initiative greatly lessens congestion due to the vast reduction in people traveling alone in cars at any given time.
  • Reduced emissions. Vehicle emissions would consequently decrease, greatly benefiting the region’s air quality and environment.